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Workplace Mediation

Resolve workplace disputes calmly, cost-effectively and permanently within days

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The heavy cost of conflict

Unresolved workplace conflict is extremely harmful to organisations.  

Workplace conflict:

The problem…..

The cost of conflict increases exponentially the longer it continues. Unfortunately, management often take the damaging approach of:

Grievance and disciplinary processes are time consuming, stressful and focus on allocating blame.  It is rarely possible to restore a productive working relationship afterwards.

Workplace mediation delivers the opposite...

Workplace Mediation

Why use Gooding & Crow to mediate your workplace disputes?

What can you expect from us as workplace mediators?


A close partnership with our HR clients. 

Whilst the mediation itself is confidential, the briefing we receive from you is key to its success.  Your insights are very important to us.


Participant buy-in.

Some participants are nervous or reluctant to try mediation.  We are used to supporting participants and encouraging them to give mediation a try.


Careful groundwork.

We spend more time in pre-mediation discussions than most mediators.  This leads to faster, more effective progress on the mediation day itself.


An extremely high success rate.

90%+ of the cases we mediate result in an agreed resolution on the day.  Productive working relationships are restored, and results are usually permanent.


Absolute confidentiality.

The identity of our client organisations, the details of their workplace disputes  and what is said at mediation are, of course, kept completely confidential.


Grateful employees. 

Satisfaction ratings for our workplace mediations are extremely high.  Participants are grateful for the chance to resolve their dispute permanently in a collaborative, future-focused way.

what to expect

What does the workplace mediation process involve?

Briefing call with you

Pre-mediation calls with the participants

Mediation day

'Pulse check’ on progress with participants

Follow-up call with you 2 – 3 weeks after mediation

Participants helped to put their agreement in writing

What is the total investment needed in a workplace mediation?

Our fees for workplace mediation are £150 per hour.  A workplace mediation typically takes around 10 hours in total (including the pre-mediation calls and the post-mediation follow-ups). 


Some mediations take less time, if the issues are straightforward and the parties are less entrenched.

who you'll be working with

Introducing our mediators:

Emma Gooding and Vanessa Crow are specialists in the field of workplace dispute resolution, with over 30 years’ combined workplace dispute resolution experience.  Both are accredited workplace mediators and trained conflict coaches.  They act as external workplace mediators for a wide range of organisations.


Emma and Vanessa provide consultancy services to organisations looking to establish internal mediation schemes, as well as training and mentoring internal mediators.