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Internal Conflict Resolution


Establish an effective internal resolution scheme
to resolve workplace conflicts quickly, easily and cost effectively

investing in the future

The heavy cost of conflict

Unresolved workplace conflict is extremely harmful to organisations; it: 

Many organisations pretend conflict doesn’t exist. Then, when they cannot ignore it any longer, rely on their grievance and disciplinary procedures to sort things out.

Why is this approach problematic?

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Embracing a New Approach

There’s a huge gap between ignoring a conflict altogether, and sending in the grievance and disciplinary big-guns. 


Wouldn’t it be great if your organisation could put in place something that would bridge that gap?  A way forward which:

Bespoke Internal Conflict Resolution Scheme

We will work with you to put in place a tailored, effective conflict resolution scheme.  The scheme will enable you to resolve workplace conflicts at an early stage, before they escalate and cause significant harm.

Why use Gooding & Crow to design

and help you launch your
workplace conflict resolution scheme?


We have over 30 years’ experience in the field of workplace and employment dispute resolution


Vanessa is a human resources professional with expertise in designing and implementing tailored conflict resolution policies


We are specialist accredited workplace mediators 


Unlike most mediation providers, we are also trained conflict coaches.  We take a broader approach to conflict resolution, incorporating conflict management and facilitation into our schemes to address early-stage conflict, as well as mediation


We are expert trainers, having designed and delivered skills-based training since 2005


We specialise in bespoke solutions: both your policy and the related training will be tailored specifically to your organisation

what to expect

What can you expect from us as your conflict resolution

scheme consultants?

Careful groundwork

We don’t supply “out-of-the-box” solutions.  We ask the right questions, listen carefully, and provide conflict resolution schemes which are tailored to your organisation. 

End-to-end process

We supply everything you need to get your conflict resolution scheme up and running, from building a business case to training internal mediators.

Ongoing support

We work with you to evaluate scheme’s effectiveness, assist you with any adjustments needed, and keep your mediators’ skills up-to-date.

Expert training

We are expert skills-based trainers.  All our mediator training is experiential, relevant and  enjoyable.  We can tailor the case studies we use specifically for your business.

We ask the right questions, listen carefully, and provide bespoke conflict resolution schemes

what to expect

Design and implementation process: what is included?

What is the total investment needed to
design and implement

an internal conflict resolution scheme?

The schemes we provide are tailored to our client organisations.  Our fees for design and implementation therefore vary, but are usually in the range of £7,000 to £10,000 (including training and follow-up). 


We can provide a detailed quotation on request.

who you'll be working with

Introducing our dispute resolution scheme architects

Emma Gooding and Vanessa Crow are specialists in the field of workplace dispute resolution.

Emma and Vanessa provide consultancy services to organisations looking to establish internal mediation schemes, as well as training and mentoring internal mediators.

Emma has been delivering mediation skills training since 2006.  Vanessa is an HR professional with many years’ experience of designing and implementing tailored policies and is also a skilled trainer. 

Emma and Vanessa specialise in providing tailored, experiential, skills based mediation and conflict training.  They have a lively, interactive approach and overwhelmingly excellent feedback from delegates.