Coaching for Abrasive


Achieve permanent change in abrasive managers’ conduct and bring an end to co-workers’ distress 

Abrasive managers wreak devastation on the organisations they work for.  Their behaviour causes real distress to co-workers, and they rarely have the insight to realise it. 


When their abrasive behaviour is not addressed, it leads to:

Time for Change

You already know the abrasive manager’s conduct needs to be addressed, but keep hitting roadblocks.  Team training hasn’t worked (the abrasive manager doesn’t think they are the problem!) and senior management seems to be turning a blind eye. 


The problem is that abrasive leaders are usually exceptional performers.  Management are reluctant to intervene because they are scared the abrasive leader will leave, or turn their aggression on management.  


In fact, once abrasive managers have received specialist coaching, they are very grateful for the investment management have made in them.


Wouldn’t it be great to get through a working week without wondering what your abrasive leader might say or do next?  Without wondering who will be next to complain or call in sick?  Where you could see the toxic environment they created dissolve, and their team begin to work co-operatively and productively?

How is our abrasive manager coaching different from traditional coaching or training?

What can you expect from specialist abrasive manager coaching?

What does the coaching programme involve?


Briefing call with you


 Introductory call with abrasive manager


Coaching session to prepare you to intervene with the abrasive manager 


360 interview sessions with 6 to 8 co-workers (chosen by the abrasive manager and by you)


Preparation of confidential feedback report


360 confidential feedback session with abrasive manager


8 to 10 confidential conflict coaching sessions to address the abrasive conduct


‘Pulse check’ exercise with manager and co-workers after coaching has concluded

What is the total investment?

Our fees for this specialist coaching are £320 per hour, and the programme usually takes around 30 hours to complete.  The total estimated investment required for the whole programme (including the “pulse check” follow-up) is therefore around £9,600.


You may want to compare this to the cost of not addressing workplace conflict, using our conflict calculator.

experts in conflict resolution

Meet the Coaches

Emma Gooding and Vanessa Crow are specialists in the field of workplace dispute resolution.  They have 30 years’ combined experience in resolving high conflict disputes, are trained conflict coaches and have received specialist training in the Boss Whispering™ method of coaching abrasive leaders.


Either Emma or Vanessa would be delighted to speak to you (completely without obligation) to discuss your situation, and whether abrasive leader coaching is the right thing for your organisation.