Setting up an internal mediation scheme

effective internal resolution scheme

Traditionally, most organisations have resolved conflict using the punitive trio of disciplinaries, grievances and investigations.  The problem with these processes is that they focus on punishment rather than restoring workplace relationships and generate ‘lose-lose’ outcomes. Advantages of mediation Mediation is a confidential process in which a trained mediator helps the conflict participants to discuss and […]

5 things you need to know about workplace mediation

Three people sitting around a table at a business meeting.

Workplace mediation is a process which is used by organisations to help resolve difficult interpersonal issues and conflicts at work. The mediation will be conducted by a neutral and impartial mediator, whose role is to facilitate communication between the participants.  With the mediator’s help, they will negotiate a solution to their conflict, and an agreed […]

Abrasive managers

Boss man.

Common abrasive manager behaviours Abrasive managers. We’ve all met at least one. Regrettably, some of us have met several. There is a spectrum of abrasive manager behaviour: some abrasive managers are definitely worse than others. There are however common themes: Abrasive managers show interpersonal aggression in the workplace (in a variety of forms – see […]

Abrasive manager myths

Troubles with boss

Myth 1 – Abrasive leaders are usually men A topical one, this (wink) When asked to visualise an abrasive manager, most people imagine a man – often middle-aged – shouting and intimidating others in the office. But research shows that almost half of managers who meet the criteria of ‘abrasive’ are women. Assuming that only […]

Conflict styles

Boss arguing with an employee in the office

Have you ever thought about the traits you have when you are experiencing conflict? In our conflict coaching sessions, we explore the different conflict styles. These are adapted from a conflict analysis tool called the Thomas-Killman Instrument. Do you recognise yourself in any of the descriptions? The Competitive Rhino The rhino tries to force their […]

Fight or flight

Calm Mind, Clear Mind

As humans, instinct and evolution has taught us to protect ourselves whenever we feel threatened. Our amygdala, one on each side of the brain, are sometimes referred to as the brain’s ‘smoke detector.’ They are responsible for the body’s emergency response. This was useful for running away from sabre toothed tigers, but can be unhelpful […]

Giving difficult feedback

Feedback form

Nobody enjoys receiving negative feedback and providing colleagues with negative feedback on performance issues can be a difficult and stressful experience. Avoiding giving feedback isn’t the answer, though. Constructive feedback is vital for ensuring that your team performs well. There are some methods we can use to ensure that the feedback is communicated effectively. Here […]

Teams in conflict

Conflict about financial data

Team conflicts are complex and difficult to resolve. As a result, some teams operate in a dysfunctional way for months or even years. Dysfunctional teams present a big challenge for organisations. Conflict within teams: • Is complex • Is time consuming • Has a disastrous effect on productivity • Causes stress, anxiety & sickness • […]

Conflict Competence

Statistical data

The challenges of the current environment make conflict more likely than ever. We are all fed up, some are facing financial issues, juggling home schooling with work & feeling isolated. Those working away from home worry about catching COVID. Those working remotely are missing the positive social interactions of the workplace. Our normal levels of […]

My manager nearly broke me

Confident young specialist sharing his thoughts at meeting

How many times have I heard that recently! Then, when I ask about what happened to resolve the situation the answer tends to be ’they moved on/got promoted/moved departments’. We rarely hear about a change in behaviour or any other positive outcome, unless organisations take the plunge and engage specialist help. Why is there still […]