Setting up an internal mediation scheme

effective internal resolution scheme

Traditionally, most organisations have resolved conflict using the punitive trio of disciplinaries, grievances and investigations.  The problem with these processes is that they focus on punishment rather than restoring workplace relationships and generate ‘lose-lose’ outcomes. Advantages of mediation Mediation is a confidential process in which a trained mediator helps the conflict participants to discuss and […]

5 things you need to know about workplace mediation

Three people sitting around a table at a business meeting.

Workplace mediation is a process which is used by organisations to help resolve difficult interpersonal issues and conflicts at work. The mediation will be conducted by a neutral and impartial mediator, whose role is to facilitate communication between the participants.  With the mediator’s help, they will negotiate a solution to their conflict, and an agreed […]

My manager nearly broke me

Confident young specialist sharing his thoughts at meeting

How many times have I heard that recently! Then, when I ask about what happened to resolve the situation the answer tends to be ’they moved on/got promoted/moved departments’. We rarely hear about a change in behaviour or any other positive outcome, unless organisations take the plunge and engage specialist help. Why is there still […]