Preventing and Resolving

Workplace Conflict

an opportunity for change

A Different Approach

to Conflict

Workplace conflict occurs in all organisations.  Properly managed, some conflict at work can be helpful:  the ability to challenge ideas and hold difficult conversations in the workplace leads to innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.


However, conflict can also be destructive.


We work closely with HR and People Directors at a wide range of organisations. Our clients know from experience that, if not identified in time and properly managed, workplace disputes can have disastrous results.


These include:

investing in the future

The Real Cost of Conflict

Persuading management to address the issue of workplace conflict can be difficult.  They are often surprised to learn how costly workplace disputes actually are.  Try our conflict calculator to see how much workplace conflict could be costing your organisation each year.

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Meet the Team

Emma Gooding and Vanessa Crow are highly experienced practitioners in workplace conflict prevention and resolution.  We work closely with HR and People Directors to reduce the human and financial cost of workplace conflict.  

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